Who are we and where do we come from?

    We are Scouts - Baden-Powell Scouts

    The 3rd Wiltshire (Warminster) B-P Scout Group offers young people and adults aged from 6 to 70 (and beyond) a complete scouting adventure with a wide variety of outdoor and indoor activities based in Warminster, Wiltshire.  Young people and adults from Warminster and surrounding villages are welcome to register for a place with our group.

    ​Founded over 40 years ago and uniquely granted the 'B-P' name by his widow, the Baden-Powell Scout Association provides outdoor adventures using the latest kit backed by a programme based on the traditional values of mutual respect, service to others and trying out new and exciting personal challenges.

    ​There are five different sections from age 5½ to adult.

    ​Beavers  - Ages 5½  to 8
    Wolf Cubs  - Ages 8 to 10½
    Scouts  - Ages 10½ to 15
    Senior Scouts  - Ages 15 to 18
    Rover Scouts - Ages 18 up

    ​​As a provider of outdoor adventures and fun for young people we share the aims of the founder of world Scouting, Lord Robert Baden-Powell, which are still very relevant to today's world. We aim to provide fun and adventure in a safe, caring environment to those entrusted to our care.

    ​All sections run mixed programmes of activities and badge work based on learning traditional skills, crafts and respect for self and others. This includes things like navigation, camping, cooking (open fire and home), crafts, local knowledge and participation in local events and games. Members of the Group will experience a wide variety of activities and events designed to stretch their imagination, give them unforgettable memories and provide them with skills and evidence for their futures.

    We rely on some basic rules to ensure that everyone has fun in a safe and encouraging atmosphere. This is to ensure that each child or adult enjoys the Group and the Group itself bonds with each person.​

     All the leaders of the Group are fully insured, CRB checked and trained in the scouting skills they share. Our leaders have many years experience and include experts in First Aid, Navigation, Pioneering, Archery plus Children's Care and Development. ​

    As a B-P Scout Group we will also be active in the local community providing help and service to various organisations. This might include helping at fun days, carnivals and other fund raising activities. ​

    For older Scouts we will offer more adventurous expeditions and activities in conjunction with our fellow groups across the UK and Europe.

    We're not in competition with any other organisation and are happy to see any events or activities that are run for the benefit of young people as there's always room for another.

    If you'd like to register a young person (or several) for a place in the group, please complete the contact form on this site and state which age group you are interested in.   We will then contact you to arrange a visit and let you know when the person can attend full time.  Once you're offered a place in the Group we'll give you a registration pack which contains all the information you need to know as well as some important forms that need to be completed.  

    ​As we do get asked - where we differ is in the following areas:Different uniform and badge programme
    • All volunteers with no paid staff
    • Compulsory training in the camp craft and other skills given to youngsters
    • All sections based in one location
    • As a registered centre we can offer the full Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme within the group 
    • National and International Jamborees that are low cost and open to all group members (no selection process)
    • Adult section for adults to enjoy adventure travel and experiences too
    • All leaders able to attend and vote at the Association AGM
    • Leaders in older sections required to pass a Safety In The Hills Leaders course equivalent to higher than the national Walking Group Leader Award for running hikes and expeditions such as D of E.